• Armor Shield IX Paint Protection Service 2 - Exterior Only

Armor Shield IX Paint Protection Service 2 - Exterior Only

Have your vehicle protected with AvalonKing Armor Shield IX

The steps for this service include (and as you can see, preparation is everything using products from Gtechniq):

  • High pressure pre-rinse
  • W4 Citrus Foam used through a snow foam lance
  • After dwelling for a few minutes, rinse
  • Wash with G-Wash and rinse
  • W5 Citrus Wash applied to the lower parts of the car and sills
  • After dwelling for a few minutes, rinse
  • W6 Iron & General Fallout Remover applied to whole vehicle including wheels
  • After dwelling for a few minutes, rinse
  • W7 Tar and Glue Remover applied if necessary
  • Wash with G-Wash and rinse
  • Vehicle clayed to remove any embedded contaminants
  • Light machine polish of the paintwork to get it looking its best
  • PW Panel Wipe over entire vehicle to remove any residue
  • Application of Armor Shield IX to paintwork
  • All exterior glass cleaned with G4 Glass Nano Polish
  • Application of G1 ClearVision Smart Glass to all exterior glass
  • Application of C4 Trim Restorer to all exterior black plastic trim
  • Application of C5 Wheel Armour to wheel faces
  • Tyres dressed with T1 Tyre and Trim
  • Car Care Kit 1 - Starter presented to owner

* Please note that price is for a new or near new vehicle less than 2 months. All other vehicles will be quoted on inspection. This is due to additional steps that may be required to prepare/polish the paintwork on the vehicle (eg. one or two step machine polish)

* Service area for South East Queensland only


  • 2 to 5 years durability
  • Keep your car cleaner, longerUnrivaled protection against contaminants like mud, road grime, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and much more…
  • Intense shine, deep 3D glossGive your car that deep wax shined look, month after month, year after year. Look good always.

Meet ARMOR SHIELD IX by AvalonKing, the #1 ceramic coating on the planet. ARMOR SHIELD IX gives your car a professional shine and deep wet gloss.

ARMOR SHIELD IX rejects UV rays, road grime, mud, pollen, acid rain, your father’s insults, bird droppings and any other crud. While its hydrophobic properties simply whip water away, making your car wash easy like Sunday morning, we guarantee at least two year’s protection when adequately applied. ARMOR SHIELD IX’s translucent coating is also guaranteed to work on all vinyl wraps, paint protection films, clear bras, carbon fibre, and powder-coated surfaces. Go on, get coated by the King!

Protective Benefits

Are you sick and tired of having to give your dirty car yet another wash?
Do water spots, dirt, and grime cling to your car?

Find out how you can protect your car for 2+ years.

Armor Shield IX is a highly durable transparent coat, which is mud repellent, scratch resistant, hydrophobic and much more.
UV and Sunshine
Weather Erosion
Acid Rain
Graffiti & Scratches
Bird Dropping
Tree Gum

First Responders Discount can be applied to this service - see HERE for more details

Armor Shield IX Paint Protection Service 2 - Exterior Only

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