Victoria Wax Bundle 

This bundle puts together the basics for getting your car looking and staying clean, with products from Victoria Wax.

Don't pay $115 if you were to purchase separately, buy the bundle for $50 and save $$$.

Victoria Wax Super Soap 

This was designed to gently remove contaminates from the vehicle surface while increasing the natural brilliance, gloss and clarity every time.

A highly concentrated blend of surfactants, cleaners, UV blockers and static resistances that actually conditions and enhances the gloss of painted surfaces. Does not contain detergent, alkalines or acids. Special water-based lubricants help to prevent the grit and grime from scratching the surface during the washing process. A fast developing foaming agent has been added to produce long lasting, sudsing action. Rinses easily and completely, leaving a non-spotting, non-filming, streak free, just detailed look.

Directions of Use

  • Pour a small amount of Super Soap into your clean wash bucket and fill with luke warm water
  • Wash only small sections at a time
  • Rinse regularly

Victoria Wax Deep Cleanse 

Deep Cleanse is a unique, non-abrasive, pre-wax cleaning formula with light anti-swirl and haze removing properties and is perfect for solid or clear coated finishes. Deep Cleanse is recommended for finishes slightly abused by UV damage.

For optimum results, Deep Cleanse must be used before applying any of Victoria's paste waxes for the first time.

Directions of Use  

  • Apply a thin coat of Deep Cleanse one section at a time.
  • Allow Deep Cleanse to sit until tacky.
  • Using a microfibre applicator work the cleanser using straight back and forward motions.
  • Buff using a high quality microfibre towel to reveal a clean finish ready for waxing.

NOTE: It is important to complete the protection process by applying a Victoria paste wax as soon as possible after cleansing. Do not drive the car or leave the car to the elements. A freshly cleansed car leaves your bare paint squeaky clean but holds no protection

Victoria Concours Carnauba Paste Wax 

As the name suggests, Victoria's red carnauba wax was originally developed for competitive use at Concours events. It contains one of the highest amounts of real wax content used in the industry. Concours is formulated using large amounts of pure Carnauba wax and an exotic blend of natural oils

For use on all paint colours it looks particularly stunning on black, red and darker paintwork. With time and patience Victoria's Concours Carnauba Wax will please you.

Directions of Use

  • Apply a thin layer of wax to a clean surface using the finger tips and palms of hands.
  • Allow Victoria Concours Carnauba Wax to stand for 1-2 minutes.
  • Buff wax using a high quality microfibre towel before the carnauba wax dries completely.


For a deeper finish and maximum protection, apply multiple layers of Concours Carnauba wax paste. Allow at least 1 hour between layers for the carnauba wax to cure. Buff each coat of wax after application and immediately before applying the next layer.

NOTE: Use of a foam wax applicator is optional. We recommend the use of Victoria Wax Deep Cleanse prior to waxing. This will clean, and prepare the painted surface to bond with the carnauba wax yielding the best possible results for durability and a finer finish.

CAUTION: For sensitive skin or pre-existing skin conditions use protective gloves.

Victoria Wax Quick Detail Spray 

Detail spray is a very important part of keeping a vehicle looking it's best. This product dramatically boosts and intensifies all Victoria's paste waxes. It will not streak, smear, haze, dull or leave a film.

Quick Detail contains an optical clarifier and gentle cleaner highly recommended for fast cleaning of dust, finger prints, light soiling and water spots without scratching. It also doubles as a clay bar lubricant.

Directions of Use

  • Mist Victoria Wax Quick Detail Spray onto small sections at a time
  • Using a high quality microfibre towel, wipe the surface until slick and dry

NOTE: While Quick Detail is recommended for use on many surfaces, it should not be used to clean the front windshield.

Some of the bottles in the kit aren't perfectly round.

Victoria Wax Bundle

  • $115.00
  • $50.00

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