• C1 and EXOv5

Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer and EXOv5 Bundle

C1 Crystal Lacquer

  • 3 to 5 years durability
  • Excellent swirl mark resistance
  • Crystal clear finish
  • 5-year guarantee when applied by a Gtechniq accredited Detailer/Applicator

EXOv4 Ultra Durable Coating

  • Improved durability
  • Same great gloss, water and dirt repellency
  • Significantly easier to apply

C1 has been independently proven in the world’s most respected weathering facility. It offers the best gloss retention of any other product tested. Over a simulated run of 3 years in Arizona sunlight, a C1 coated panel lost half the amount of gloss than its next best competitor, and a third less gloss than the average score for all other products tested.

As well as gloss retention C1 Crystal Lacquer is extremely durable, as it actually becomes the functional surface of a car's paintwork. Also scratch resistant, C1 forms a crystalline film which is extremely hard, this characteristic makes it effective at preventing minor scratching from poor wash technique on relatively soft automotive paint.

C1 coated panels have been tested against uncoated panels, as well as high-end carnauba waxes and polymer sealants.

On average, panels coated with Gtechniq C1, exhibited 50 percent less swirl marks than those coated with waxes or left uncoated.

EXO is Gtechniq’s ultimate hydrophobic coating – it simply out-beads any other products on the market, providing a lotus leaf effect which repels dirt and water ensuring your vehicles surface stays cleaner and glossier for much longer.

Based on the next generation of organic materials EXO embodies Gtechniq’s goal to offer products that work harder, and smarter, meaning more time enjoying your car and less time maintaining it.

Simple to apply EXO offers the ultimate dirt and water repellency (it has a contact angle of 110 degrees), is resistant to regular wash chemicals with applications typically lasting as long as 24 months.

Additional Information
Storage and Use To apply Crystal Serum Light (CSL) make sure your vehicle is indoors and can stay indoors for 12 hours after application, do not apply in direct sunlight. Only apply the product at a temperature between 5°c and 25°c Shake well and wear gloves Wash and decontaminate your paintwork thoroughly prior to application. If required, polish your paintwork, either by machine or hand, to remove any imperfections Spray Panel Wipe into a Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre Cloth and wipe down each panel in small sections Soak the application pad with 3 full measures of CSL from the pipette and work the liquid into the pad to get an even saturation Replace the lid on the bottle and set aside - do not keep the bottle in your hand as this promotes premature curing Apply in overlapping strokes to an area roughly 2ft by 2ft, or work to the bodylines of the vehicle Immediately remove residue with an MF1 cloth - you may need to buff the same area several times, but avoid doing it with too much force. We recommend the use of 2 cloths at any one time. Make sure the cloths are rotated during residue removal to prevent CSL curing in the cloth- this can make buffing residue difficult Inspect the surface for residue with a bright, diffused light source If you remove residue and it cures fully you should polish the area and reapply CSL As soon as you finish, put you MF1 cloths in water, wash and dry them as soon as possible Wait approximately 2 hours after applying CSL to apply EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating, or C2 Liquid Crystal Store in a cool, dry place Use within 3 months of opening

C1 and EXOv5

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